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As we present 2015’s collection of what we think is the best and most exciting line up of tours to date, we would like to address what actually makes up one of our motor coach tours.  That is why we would like to introduce the concept of Field Trips…The Next Generation!  We know many of you have traveled with us for the last 22 years and we are most grateful for your loyalty and trust.  This description is for those of you who have yet to discover this fun, exciting, economic and easy way to vacation! 


Remember back when you were in Elementary, Middle or Senior High School and your class raised funds to go on an exciting trip to New York City, Washington DC, Toronto, or even the Pittsburgh Zoo?  Well, picture that same mix of excitement coupled with good planning that you didn’t have to browse the internet for hours to accomplish and someone delivering you to the door with no effort by you to follow directions or worry about difficult and expensive parking. Now upgrade the motor coach you remember to seats 5 inches wider and 45 foot coaches with more legroom, capability to play DVD’s, a large clean rest room and some plug ins for your electronic devices.  Add to that travel with your friends in the same vehicle and no chance to lose each other on the road, and you have today’s motor coach tour.  Oh, and no TSA line to wait in and no need to remove your shoes and belt and no screening process for your liquids, and  no need to arrive at your departure point two hours early or expensive parking for your vehicle while you are gone. Are you starting to see why these tours are so popular?  We try and offer a mix of tours with lots of free time to “do it your way” as well as some traditional tours with most of the planning done.  All of our scheduled tours have a tour director on board to answer some of your questions and make sure you are comfortable.  Now, mind you, she is not your mother, you still have to pay some attention and get back to the coach at the appointed time.  If you are new to motor coach tours, I hope this is enough to convince you to give it a try. 


                            TO MAKE YOUR RESERVATION:

                      Call us at 724-658-9200 or 1-800-374-9825

   ***Please call us for all of your independent traveling needs!!***


 We are pleased by how many of you have been taking advantage of our Full Service Travel Agency with Karen Gish at the helm. She can help you with cruises, vacation packages and customized itineraries.


Thank you for your past business. We look forward to traveling with old and new friends in 2015 and to celebrating 22 wonderful years!

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