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Hello and Welcome to 2024

We have tried to offer many new destinations for 2024 as well as tried-and-true favorites.  We were able to send two buses to our beachfront trip to Myrtle Beach in August of 2023, and the first bus for the coming year is almost full, so if you are thinking of that one, please call to get your name on the list.  Both the Mystery Day Trip and the Overnight were full, with waiting lists, so, again, get in early for those.  Our overnight was to the Poconos last year and was successful and will be offered in the brochure.  The day trip was to Bucyrus, Ohio for some flower arranging and much more so look for that one as well. 

Well, folks, it looks as though we are back!!!  This year was back to pre-pandemic levels, although the travel landscape has changed! Many dining and gaming venues that actively pursued our business in the past have stopped welcoming groups.  Also, we have seen many venues that did not survive the pandemic, and, of course, we are all familiar with the problem of getting good people to work.  Despite the challenges, however, we were able to provide numerous opportunities for delightful travel experiences.  As is expected, you will see prices going up, although we strive to keep things as affordable as possible. Thanks to your continuing trust in us and we hope to see you on the bus in 2024!!

We strongly suggest that you purchase cancellation protection, to cover you up until departure day and boarding will be refused if you have symptoms. If you have a nagging cough, we ask that you mask on board. Please note the following policy changes; overnight tour balances are now due in full 45 days prior to departure and overnight cancellation protection will be $12 per day and due no later than 45 days prior to departure. Free cancellations for overnight tours are due 45 days prior to departure. All day trip policies have stayed the same.


About Us

Breakaway Tours is a Motor Coach Tour Operation. We run approximately 200 motor coach tours including one-day excursions, overnight tours, and gaming trips. We are also a full service Travel Agency. We are here for you to book your tour, your cruise, your honeymoon, your Disney package, or any of your other travel needs. If you have a private group we will be glad to customize a trip for you. We have been operating Motor Coach Tours for 32 years and have combined travel experience of over 100 years! If you have not traveled by motor coach before, it is time you tried it! The convenience, comfort, and effortlessness of the experience will leave you wanting more! Like us on Facebook and stay in touch with all of the specials we offer throughout the year.

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