policies & procedures

Your safety is our priority. Please read out new Covid-19 Safety Procedures below. 

Pay and Depart


We studied the data long and hard before we decided to begin to travel again, and, of course, this schedule is subject to change should the world change again. The festivals listed are not canceled, but still could be.  Some itineraries may change a bit to adjust for Covid 19 restrictions.


You will notice a few differences we have made to protect you.  First of all, our carriers, McCarter and Zona are implementing disinfecting techniques that meet and exceed the CDC standards.  They will be using an electrostatic sprayer nightly to clean the coaches, and the driver’s will be disinfecting high touch areas throughout the bus. The air in the coach will be exchanged every 10 minutes. While the driver will load your luggage under the bus and pull it from the bus at your destination, there will be no baggage handling, to avoid cross contamination at your destination. 

 The driver and escort will be wearing masks to check you. It is now a federal regulation that masks be worn on public transportation, so you will have to comply. As of this time we are not requiring proof of vaccination but if it becomes a federal regulation we will have to comply.   We will not be serving snacks on board in order to limit face to face time, so be sure to bring something if you need it.  We will be asking you to sign a waiver before boarding certifying that you are symptom free and that you do not hold us responsible if you contract Covid 19 on the bus or at the destination.  We will also ask you to notify us for contact tracing if you become ill up to two weeks after a tour.  If you develop symptoms on tour, we will ask you to get tested at urgent care or a drug store while at the destination, and if you are positive, we will help you to make arrangements to quarantine, at your expense."


We strongly suggest that you purchase cancellation insurance to cover you up until departure day, as you will be asked to sign a waiver to certify that you are symptom free, and boarding will be refused if you have symptoms.


We trust that everyone will remain safe and we are so excited to finally be able to offer tours again and see our beloved riders!!! 


The most important feature of a tour is your safety and comfort, therefore we partner with McCarter Coach and Tour  almost exclusively for our motor coach transportation.  These deluxe new coaches are restroom equipped, air conditioned, with DVD players and CD players.  McCarter removes one full row of seats on most coaches for your seating comfort.  We rely on them for professional, qualified drivers. Occasionally you will see a Zona or Campbell bus, also fine companies. Your escort is a Breakaway employee traveling on the coach to expedite the tour components.  They are there to help handle emergencies and to answer your questions as well as to facilitate an enjoyable experience.  Gratuities for your driver and escort are customary, however, not included in the cost of the tour and given at your discretion.  Two dollars per person per day, minimum, is suggested.



Breakaway Tours acts as an agent selecting appropriate hotel accommodations, attractions, and meal stops.  Each package is priced per person as Single (one per room), Double (two per room), Triple (three per room) or Quad (four per room.)  On rare occasions there will be a child’s price listed along with age requirements.  The cost of your overnight tour includes baggage handling for one piece of luggage per person, to weigh less than fifty pounds.  A small carry on is also permitted but must fit in the overhead or under your feet, so as to not obstruct the aisle of the coach.  No baggage without a Breakaway luggage tag will be stored under the coach without the express permission of the Breakaway escort.  Oxygen to be carried on board the coach is subject to strict regulations and the Breakaway office must be notified as well as your driver and escort. 



We seldom have need to change our published tours, however, we reserve the right to do so should circumstances, such as, but not limited to weather, dictate such change.  Any changes due to an emergency of any kind incurring additional expense shall be borne by the passenger.  The right is also reserved by Breakaway Tours to cancel any tour prior to departure if it is not up to capacity, in which case all payments will be refunded.  The right is also reserved to accept or decline any passenger as a member of any tour at any time.  Breakaway Tours acts only as an agent for passengers and therefore accepts no responsibility, in whole or part, for delays, loss, damage, injury to property or person due to mechanical defects or other cause, or for additional expenses incurred through sickness, weather, strikes, wars, quarantine, or other causes.  Any person or group leader booking reservations for more than one passenger is required to inform the other person of Breakaway tours booking and cancellation policies as well as pertinent information concerning the tour.  Breakaway Tours is not responsible for incorrect information given out by a second party.  Office hours are 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. daily.  It is the customer’s responsibility to call for a departure time a week prior in the event that no information has been received either in writing or in the form of a phone call. 



Reservations are confirmed when your $75 per person deposit for a multi-day trip or your payment in full for a day trip are received.  Seats are assigned according to the receipt of payments, except in rare cases of handicap.  We strive to accommodate requests, but cannot always do so.  Breakaway Tours does not rotate seats.  Upon payment, your cancelled check or credit card statement will be your receipt unless you submit a request for a written receipt.  Payments are due in full 30 days before tour departures.  However, if seats are available and if possible, you may book up until the day before departure, although it is recommended to book your seat as soon as you know you want to go.  Cancellations must be made 30 days before departure for a full refund, unless we are able to resell your seat.  Every attempt will be made to refund in the event of an emergency, however, often tickets, rooms and attractions are paid as non-refundable in advance.  It is for this reason that Tour Protection or Travel Insurance is recommended. All major credit cards are accepted with no additional fees.



This covers the amount you have paid, less your premium, until the day of your departure. 

The cost is $10.00 per person per day for day trip touring, and $10 per person per day for overnight trips, and will refund the cost of your trip in the event of cancellation for any reason, if cancelled by the day of departure. The premium is due in our office on later than 30 days before departure.  No exceptions to this rule.  New in 2020, any tour in excess of $700 will be covered by Travel Insured Internation and the premium, quoted in the tour text, is payable to Breakaway tours no less than 30 days prior to departure.  For cancellations on these tours, you will be required to file a claim, and any cancellation due to illness must be treated, with documentation.  Repayment for these tours will be from 4 to 6 seeks from the time the claim is filed.  


All public tours are non-smoking and it is a federal law that smoking on public transportation is prohibited.  Frequent stops are made to accommodate smokers.  If you have a smoking preference and it is available at your tour hotel, let us know at the time of booking.  Many hotels have adopted a non smoking policy.


Our regular scheduled pickups will be, Lawrence Village Plaza in New Castle, Pa, Breakaway Office at 2103 Wilmington Road, New Castle, Pa and former arc’s Plaza lot on Rt. 224 in Boardman, Ohio on the Tiffany Ave. side behind Red Lobster’s parking.  Occasionally additional pick-ups will be added as the group dictates and occasionally pick-ups will be deleted.  If your group requires a different pick up, a minimum of 10 people must board.  An additional pick may require an additional charge for mileage.