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AUGUST 7, 2024 -WED  

CLEVELAND, A FOODIE PARADISE......................................................$75 

Join us in the city by the lake as we enjoy culinary delights all day long! Our first stop will be the Ohio City Kitchen where Mitchell’s Ice Cream has been made by hand since 1999. They will explain their process to us in a short talk and you will receive a scoop of one of their flavors of the day.  From here it’s a short journey to the iconic West Side Market where you will find food vendors of all kinds and have a chance to get lunch either at the café or from the vendors.  Next up is a stop for shopping at Gust Gallucci’s Italian Foods for pasta, olive oil, cheeses and anything Italian.    Our last stop will be B.A. Sweeties, the largest candy store in North America.  If it is manufactured, Sweeties has it, from Beeman’s gum to Pez dispensers to gummies of all shapes and sizes. Unloose your belt and come to Cleveland!

TOUR INCLUDES: Shopping and ice cream


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